Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer- an extraordinary work of two brothers!

The construction of Nathmal Ji Kin  Haveli is associated with an interesting legend of how the two brothers, Hathi and Lulu, worked on the haveli from two sides and the outcome is a beautiful blend of the symmetrical construction.

Miniature style paintings and mighty tuskers carved out of yellow sandstone are used for decoration.

On a tour to Jaisalmer, visitors can’t afford to miss the magnificent architecture of Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli. One can see elephant carvings on yellow stones, and intricately carved exteriors and interiors. A huge statue of an elephant made of yellow sandstones welcomes every tourist and shopper in this Haveli.

At the entrance to the haveli, there are two majestic lions kept on two sides of the staircase. These lions have been intricately carved out of yellow sandstone and, thus, shine like gold when the sunlight falls upon them.

A visit here will fill you with new vigor and will give you lasting memories. So, if you want to enjoy the splendor of Rajputana, a visit here is a must!


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Open on all days